Meeting Recap

As people gathered for the first ever Quarter Fund meeting, prospective board members ordered a frosty beer courtesy of the Longmont Community Foundation. After brief introductions and a rousing game of “would you rather?” we got down to business. We were confident in the general concept of making grants to nonprofits in Boulder County and realized that if things got too hairy, Eric Hozempa would offer his sage wisdom. Following a bit of discussion people paid their first annual dues of $100 in true twenty something fashion by using a square reader. With our agenda out of the way and our beers nearly empty, we headed over to the nearby bean bags set up to further hone our tossing skills. Our take aways from the first meeting were:

  • We would meet again in early May to make our first grant
  • We would seek proposals from an organizations that aligned with basic needs
  • We would begin work on a fancy new logo and website for our group