BOHO Video

For our homelessness focus area, the group reviewed some awesome submissions. We were glad to see that people realized they didn’t need to spend a lot of time worrying about the production value of the clips. Once you have the messaging down, just point, shoot, and submit. Check out the link above to take a look at the winning submission. Although, it would have been cool to see the truck in the video, the BOHO offices, or some of the staff, we understand that there are time constraints to consider.

QF awarded $500 for truck maintenance. From the video we learned that the truck delivers provisions to the BOHO sites, so the need for its repair is clearly evident. We also appreciated that BOHO exclusively employs currently or formerly homeless individuals to manage their day to day operations. That sounded hardcore and very much in line with our quarterly focus area of homelessness. We hope that this 20 year-old used truck continues to run for at least another 50K miles and delivers plenty of supplies to shelter sites long the way.

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