Q4 Videos

This quarter, the board voted to donate $500 to 2 nonprofits!

The first $500 went to relief efforts in Puerto Rico and the second $500 to Animal Welfare. On the Puerto Rico front we considered a number of organizations that the board members hunted down. Ultimately we were looking for a local charity, given the assumption that there might be less overhead and the funds would have the most direct support. We voted and drumroll…$500 went to United for Puerto Rico, which provides assistance to individuals and small businesses devastated by Hurricanes Irma and María accelerating their recovery by supporting the reestablishment of their home, food & to satisfy their needs of shelter, food and health to help rebuild their lives, communities and Puerto Rico.

On the Boulder County front, we were voting on proposals for animal welfare. As is usually the case with animal, there were some incredibly cute, painfully so, videos. It really felt like every animal needed our help, and so if you’re reading this check out some of the proposals that didn’t win with the link above and consider donating. After much deliberation and debate around maximum cuteness vs overall impact, the board settled on Project Vets because the concept of pet supplies made a lot of sense to us. Potentially, the $500 would affect a lot of animals, especially ones in developing countries. Their mission, as copied handily from their site, is to collect veterinary equipment, technology and supplies (V.E.T.S.) from veterinary hospitals, veterinary colleges, human hospitals, medical equipment and supply manufacturers, other non-profit organizations and individuals. These donated items are then distributed worldwide to veterinarians working in non-profit or non-governmental organizations devoted to animal health. In this way, they not only help the animals of the planet, but also conserve valuable resources that might otherwise end up in a landfill.

Thank you to all the great organizations that submitted a video proposal this quarter! As always, it was a challenging decision to pick just a couple organizations so if you weren’t selected, and know it definitely wasn’t because your videos didn’t pull on our heartstrings, we encourage you to be on the lookout for the next relevant focus area and submit again soon.

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