November 15, 2014

After granting in support of a goat cheese cave (a place to store goat cheese, not a cave made of cheese), we naturally had to see this urban goat farm.  During the tour we learned that llamas are used to protect goats from coyotes and perhaps most importantly, that fresh goat milk is delicious. Our tour guide, Michael, was a chef in Chicago before he headed out to CO to work his culinary prowess on co-founding the Mountain Flower Dairy. Boulder provides the ideal market for the locally sourced goat milk and the farm is already planning to expand their herd in order to increase milk production. With more milk, the dairy will have enough supply to both appease their thirsty herd owners and begin to make yogurt, cheese and kefir for Front Range restaurants. Although Mountain Flower Dairy is still in the early stages of planning for the cheese cave, Michael  expects construction to begin within the next year or two.

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Goat Cam