July 17, 2016

On a sunny Saturday morning in July, the Quarter Fund crew arrived at the Flatirons Vista South trail head and were greeted by OSMP staff offering volunteer fuel in the form of Einstein bagels and hot coffee.

Following a quick overview of the tools, we faced off against two piles of blue granite, roughly the weight of a baby elephant (awww). The mission for today, widen a small section of trail and lay down new gravel.

After widening the trail and broadcasting the vegetation, we were ready to spread some gravel. Wheel barrow load by load the piles slowly, almost imperceptibly, diminished.

At noon the Quarter Fund crew hopped into OSMP vehicles and traveled up the trail to a shady spot. While parked under a ponderosa, we happily chewed on Great Harvest Bread Co sandwiches and listened as OSMP staff regaled us with recent reports of rare wildlife sitings.

Post lunch, we reapplied the SPF 50 and resumed the sweaty task of laying down gravel. Several hours later, we strolled down the handsome new stretch of trail. Hikers that passed even thanked us for our fine trail work.

This was one of best volunteer days that the Quarter Fund has encountered! If the opportunity to work in a beautiful setting doesn’t entice you, the bagels and sandwiches certainly will.


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