As members of the millennial generation, we at the Quarter Fund know how critical technology is to achieving your mission. Since QF tends to receive way more requests for tech products than can be currently funded, we thought it might be helpful to point any interested parties in the direction of a few programs where technology needs can be satisfied for cheap.

Tech Soup – Nonprofits can find brand new tech products or devices here at a steep discount. A Photoshop license that retails for $80 is listed for $22.

The Boulder Fix It Clinic – If you have a device that is no longer working, take it to one of the upcoming clinics where an expert will help you to troubleshoot for free.

Community Computer Connection – Purchase a laptop for practically nothing from C3, an organization that collects used computers, repairs them and redistributes them to nonprofits. A refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad laptop that retails for $225 is listed for $192.

The Staples Trade in Program – Get a quote on your obsolete device. You can then apply that amount as a discount to your new device. Your iPhone 5 could be worth as much as $80.

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